What I can bring on the table

What I expect


I always looked at the University period to be more than just a challenging academic experience.

Since the German system allows its students a lot of freedom, I used the structure it provided to try and learn new things, to engage in projects I thought they are worth it, to meet as many interesting people as possible and to proactively decide what path to go in my professional and private life.

Education & Academia

Humboldt-University Berlin

Master of Science in Business Administration (preliminary grade after 4 semesters of enrollment: 1.9 – only the master thesis is missing)

General emphasis on quantitative and econometric methods

Individual emphasis on quantative marketing models ("Marketing Modelling": 1.7, "Marketing Seminar Logit Models": 1.3) & Management ("International Management": 1.3, "Personnel Economics": 2.0)

Grantee of Mundus-Scholarship of the European Union: Exchange Semester in Beirut, Lebanon (09/2014-03/2015)


Head of E-Commerce

Paprcuts.de - Accessories out of superthin and robust Tyvek, regional production

Conception and execution paprcuts.de

Campaign Manager of internationally successful crowdfunding "Thinnest Wallet of All Times": 21,669 €

Campaign was awarded with Berlin Crowdfunding Award Silver in category design by public voting (more than 30,000 participants)

Manager for all online-sales related activities: Development e-commerce infrastracture

Development ad-strategy with Google Adwords and Facebook & Instagram Ads

Development social media strategy

Monthly online-sales growth around 10% since 04/2014

Social Media Manager

Genesis Mining - Largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining operator of the world

2 years of massive growth: GM was founded in 04/2014 and after 1.5 years it was leading the industry (More than 200,000 customers)

Media reports on Genesis Mining by DER SPIEGEL (print), The Economist, CNBC, Bloomberg and more

Responsible for 5 digits monthly budgets for Facebook Ads

International & decentralized team

Gap Year

Living in Beirut, Lebanon the first time & Learning Spoken Arabic
Formative intercultural experience in a highly international and diverse environment.
Development of a deeper political consciousness.


Berlitz Language Institute Beirut

Pitched pro-actively a SEO project to improve Berlitz Beirut language course visibility on Google

Goethe Institute Beirut

Discreet and non-discreet "field research" for benchmark analyses for language courses

Creation of a report on the economical situation of Lebanon

Assistant of the director for cultural affairs Sabine Haupt

Goethe Institute Munich

Coordinator for job market programm "Goethe Students and Job Market"

Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Professional & Volunteering Work

Office of a member of German parliament: Ulrike Merten, SPD. She was a part of the frontrunner candidate team for the national parliament election in 2009 of Frank-Walter Steinmeier, currently holding office as minister for foreign affairs.
Commit to Partnership e.V.
Voluntary work for a university club concerned with institutional racism, development aid & politics. Conception and organization of a project about HIV awareness in Uganda, Execution in Masaka, Uganda (2 months in spring 2010).
Massmannwohnheim München e.V.
Leading a marketing team for a big student festival in Munich (1,200 visitors)
Being part of the reception team of AIESEC (Munich), the world's largest youth organization. Organization of international internships.
DAPD News agency
Journalistic freelancer field of sports for the second largest german news agency